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Junior Athletics Carnival Info

Junior Athletics Carnival Prep – Yr 2
Monday 25th June
All P-2 classes begin the day on the oval to compete in their sprint race.
From there, the P-2 classes are rostered a time (see below) where they participate in 6 modified events in the hall area, basketball court and under B block.  Activities include: Standing Long Jump, Speed Bounce, Sack Races, Bean Bag/Vortex Javelin, Bean Bag Toss & Obstacle Course.
Prep will only participate in 3 of the activities.
Prep classes will divide into their house groups (Oxley, Cook, Bowen) with one house group on one activity.
Year 1 and 2 will divide into their house groups (Oxley, Cook, Bowen) and into boys and girls (6 groups) as they rotate around, with one group on each activity.
To complete all activities within the set time period and allowing time for transitioning each year level must be strict with keeping the time on each activity to 12mins.
Lynda Hall will be supervising all of the junior programs and will keep time for activities and signal when to rotate.
Below are the list of time allocations, activities and locations.
While waiting for their allotted time, P-2 classes are free to return to their class rooms.
Year Level                                                           Time                     
Prep                                                                      9.20am ~ 10.00am (45mins) All 3 events
Setup time for 1 and 2s                                    10.00 ~ 10.20 (20mins)
Year 1s                                                                 10.20am ~ 10.50am (30mins) 2 events
First Break                                                           10.50am - 11.30am         
Year 1s                                                                 11.30am ~ 12.30pm (60mins) 4 events
Year 2s                                                                 12.30pm ~ 1.30pm (60mins) 4 events
Second Break                                                     1.30pm – 2.00pm                            
Year 2s                                                                 2.00pm – 2.30pm (30mins) 2 events
Activity                                                 Location
Standing long jump                           Hall - Left corner in front of stage
Speed Bounce                                    Hall – right corner in front of stage
Sack races                                           Grass
Bean Bag/Vortex Javelin                  Basketball court
Bean Bag toss                                     Under B Block  (Prep – back half of hall)
Obstacle course                                 Back half of hall