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Ithaca Creek has a culture and history of strong parental involvement in the School. Each year, hundreds of parents are involved in one way or another. Inside the classroom is one way, be it reading to students, assisting with art class or helping the learning program in some other way. Other forms of involvement relate to events and fund-raising, from helping at tuckshop (a great way to meet people), to providing goods for raffles and events, and running food stalls at our big events. As well, there is considerable scope for parents to use their work-related and professional skills, from such things as using business and management skills to run the sub-committee services; architectural/planning skills to assist with capital and grounds development; or grant-writing skills to access external funds.


Our philosophy is that all parents have something to offer, and something to gain, from being involved in the life of the School. In the great democratic tradition of public education, we also strongly believe that all parents are equally valuable, and that every contribution, whether it's helping at tuckshop or lobbying politicians, is equally important.


All parents at Ithaca Creek can be members of the Parents and Citizens Association. Incorporated by statute under the Education Act, there's a P&C Association in every school. The main role of the P&C is to assist the School, which is done through being the voice of parents on policy issues, and providing advice to the Principal from time to time on operational matters. On a practical level, the P&C is the body which organises events such as movie night, trivia night, and gift stalls for Mother’s and Father’s day. The aim of these events is two-fold. Community engagement is one aim, so that parents and kids can be involved in the life of the school, have a bit of fun, and get to know each other. The second purpose is to raise funds for the School. Such funds are allocated to the School annually and are usually spent on learning-related items which benefit the majority of students eg computer technology support, whole-school enrichment, or extra curriculum materials.


The P&C also runs some services such as the Tuckshop and Uniform shop, Outside school hours care and Swimming club. The mechanism for running these parent-friendly services is via sub-committees made up of interested parents. These services have paid employees, as well as volunteer parents, and the sub-committees are there to manage the operation, and make sure the services remain viable, and useful for parents.


Robert Dunne (P&C President)



P&C EXECUTIVE 2017 Elected Representative­s, as elected by P&C members, and typically attending all P&C General Meetings
Robert Dunne
Improving the schools learning opportunities.
Oversight of P&C governance and implementation of P&C responsibilities
Vice President
Julie Evans

Supporting the President’s responsibilities.
Succession planning.
Assisting the delivery of learning programs.
Coordinating Class Representatives.
Vice President
Simon Bliss
Supporting the Secretary’s responsibilities.
Strategic Partnerships
Vice President
Rob Kneebone
Supporting the Treasurer’s responsibilities
Assisting the delivery of the school’s identified projects
Claire Hooper
Coordinating finance, banking and auditing
Geoff Breemer
The P&C one point of all contact for inward and outward correspondence
Coordinating P&C communications through the school with parents and class representatives
Recording minutes of P&C general meetings
Corporate Governance Compliance
Nominated Representatives, as nominated by P&C Executive, welcome but not expected to attend all P&C General Meetings
Outside of School Care (OSHC)
Geoff Pilbeam
All OSHC activities and overseeing the recruitment, training and retention of 5 permanent staff plus casual support.
Miranda Robinson & Carolyn Burton
Events and activities engaging parents, students and staff typically within the school grounds
Swim Club
James Knowles
All swim club activities and the recruitment, training and retention of volunteers
Tuck Shop / Uniform Shop
Sharon Ley
All tuckshop and uniform shop activities and coordinating the recruitment training and retention of up to 50 volunteers
Tammy Jones
Identifying potential supporters and key dates and coordinating documentation seeking support
The Source
Amy Doyle
Identifying and organizing suitable speakers and topics for the schools forums and wellbeing program
Mystery Festival
Steph Tickle
Responsible for recruiting, acting, directing, producing and organising the Mystery Festival
Amanda Williams
Identify partners & opportunities for fundraising External communications with government representatives, community noticeboards and media
Ben Sullivan
Improving the accessibility of information available on the school website and coordinating the most efficient means of booking and paying for events
Julie Vermeir
Capturing and hosting images of the schools activities that encourages people to get involved
Videographer and Designer
Rod Smith
Promoting school activities in a video format and design of the student newspaper Creeky Chronicles
Position vacant
Organizing a working bee each term and coordinating the parents, staff, students, builders, skilled trades’ people and any people willing to assist
Book Keeper
Amanda Hutchinson
Paid book keeper maintaining the P&C’s monthly accounts
Agilis Accounts
Paid annual auditor of P&C accounts