Principal’s welcome


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Welcome to Ithaca Creek State School and our learning community.

I am confident that your association with Ithaca Creek will be a happy and positive journey for you and your child. The preparatory and primary years of schooling have a special place in the educational experience of our children. As these years are crucial in a child’s ongoing development, we invest our time and energy into ensuring that they are productive, effective and encouraging for all students. 

Through their time at Ithaca Creek State School, students will build strong, positive foundations for becoming engaged lifelong learners, as they build on their knowledge and skill base through guided teaching and learning experiences to thrive into the future. 

With strong educational foundations children build towards a greater capacity to navigate the twists and turns of a diverse and integrated future world. The learning experiences during these years will help them to develop confidence in their ability to identify problems/issues, seek knowledge and information and then formulate appropriate actions for success.

All staff members at Ithaca Creek State School believe that positive foundations for life are built in a safe, happy and supportive environment where students remain active as learners and participate in a wide variety of experiences that build on their maturity and offer ever increasing independence and empowerment. 
This learning is facilitated through:

  • Positive relationships between teachers and students.
  • Strong and respectful relationships between school and home.
  • Programs that are designed to be responsive to the needs of learners.
  • Using teaching strategies and developing learning experiences that engage and motivate students to learn.

I encourage your involvement with your own child’s education and your active participation in school life and school community events. Our school community has a tradition of being strongly proactive in guiding and supporting the school to continue to grow and evolve as a place of learning that meets the needs of all students and the community it serves. 

There are opportunities for you to have input into school decision-making and policy development through the School Council, Parents and Citizens Association and various planning groups and committees.

At Ithaca Creek State School, we are fortunate to have a team of very experienced and capable teachers that work as a team with our highly skilled support staff to create success for all students. Teachers recognise the importance of providing timely communication about significant events in your child’s school day and keeping you well informed about your child’s progress. They welcome both formal and informal opportunities to do so. Should you have questions or concerns about your child's education, be sure to contact your child’s teacher in the first instance.

The Leadership Team and I are also available for meetings to discuss any of your concerns or interests.

We look forward to working with you as your child grows and learns throughout their primary years of schooling.

Yours sincerely,

C J Erbacher


Last reviewed 24 June 2021
Last updated 24 June 2021